The Role of the ISPE Student Chapter Faculty Advisor

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The ISPE Student Chapter Faculty Advisor plays a significant role in the success and continuity of an ISPE Student Chapter. A Faculty Advisor must be an energetic faculty member who has a strong interest in the students as well as an interest in the mission of ISPE. The Faculty Advisor will serve as a liaison between the educational institution, the Student Chapter, the local Chapter, and the Society as a whole. A Faculty Advisor must be an ISPE member and at least 21 years of age. The Faculty Advisor is encouraged to utilize the services of an ISPE Student Chapter Industry Advisor. The Faculty Advisor will have the following responsibilities:

  • Encourage students in engineering and related fields to become Student Members of ISPE
  • Assist with the indoctrination of new Student Officers when they are elected and ensure the continuity of the Student Chapter
  • Assist student officers with the development of Student Chapter activities and programs which stimulate interest in the profession
  • Facilitate networking events between students and professionals, with assistance from the local ISPE Chapter
  • Publicize ISPE programs and opportunities for Student Members
  • Mentor Students
  • Maintain a current Student Chapter roster
  • Encourage each Student Member to continue their membership in ISPE after graduation and remain active in the organization
  • Do annual inventory of technical publications
  • Make sure the Student Chapter Annual Report is completed and sent to ISPE Headquarters by May 1 of each year
  • Receive and distribute all correspondence from ISPE Headquarters


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