Student Success Story: Jennifer Lauria

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Fulfill Your Career Goals with ISPE

"When I was in college there were many clubs and organizations that I could join. ISPE (International society for pharmaceutical engineering) was one of my priorities because of the many career opportunities that it presented to engineering. ISPE is known for networking, professional development, specific job training and for working closely with the FDA (Food & Drug Administration). Discipline specific organizations offer you great options in your specific field. However, ISPE is different and shows you all the different types of roles available to you in a pharmaceutical research /development / manufacturing facility. If you love to do research, someone will be able to point you in the right direction for learning more about how research is vital to the industry and how you can learn more about getting the job of your dreams. If you wish to analyze data or work in a lab, there are numerous types of labs in all facilities that you can learn from. ISPE can set up a plant tour of most any facility that your chapter is interested in visiting.

"All types of engineers are hired by companies that participate in ISPE. They look for students interested in manufacturing, quality assurance, scheduling, planning, simulation, architecture, construction management, and Validation just to name a few. Remember that your professional chapter is in place to help you learn more about the pharmaceutical industry, the objectives of ISPE and to point you in the right direction so you are able to fulfill your career goals. "

Jennifer went on to to become the chair of the ISPE Young Professionals Committee. Read more about Jennifer


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