ISPE Turkey Affiliate ICHQ11 17 May 2013

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ISPE Turkey Affiliate 2013 Spring Seminar -  

Raw Material Variability in Light of Qbd & PAT and Storage & Distribution Practices

Date: 31 May 2013
Venue: Istanbul University Faculty of Pharmacy Turkey, TBC

Speakers include: 

MSc. Pharm. Fatma Bekar / Head of Quality Control Department, Turkish Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency - Raw Material Supply, Storage and Distribution Practices in Turkey and the Future Perspective 

Dr. Theodora Kourti / GlaxoSmithKline - Raw Material Variability and the Effect on Product Quality 

Nils Rottmann / BASF - Evaluation of Binder for Wet Granulation Processes 

James Gilmour / Colorcon - Quality-by-Design Approach to Optimize Coating Process Parameters 

Dr. Theodora Kourti / GlaxoSmithKline - Challenges of PAT Implementation 

Aslı Yamantaş / Alişan International Transport - Examples of Good Storage and Logistics Practices