ISPE United Kingdom Affiliate Welcome New Members

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New Members for February 2017 - March 2017

Julian Dean
ThinkingSafe Limited

Sean Gray
Sales Engineer
GEA Process Engineering

Alfeno Gunadi
Process Specialist
GEA Process Engineering Ltd

Thomas Hassall
University of Birmingham

Michael Hughes
Automation & Controls Manager
Ipsen Biopharm Ltd

Keith Kent
Automation Validation Engineer
Eisai Manufacturing Ltd

John Ian Kerr
Head of Engineering
AstraZeneca - Cambridge

Philip Levett
Senior Director
Pfizer Ltd

Barry Lougher
Head of Facilities

Steven McAinsh
IT Manager
Boots Manufacturing

Damien Molle
QA Manager, CSV
Circassia Ltd

William Nicholson
Sales Manager
GEA Process Engineering Ltd

Wayne Petrie
Process Automation Engineer
Johnson Matthey

Mark Rowland
Sales Director: Batch Pharma
GEA Process Engineering Ltd

Jonathan Seville
Professor of Chemical Engineering
University of Surrey

Luca Volpe
Medical Device Engineering
3P Innovation

Brian Waugh

Fran Welch
Quality Manager

Julian Whittle
Engineering Manager
GEA Process Engineering Ltd

Diana Zhu
CSV Manager