Data Migration and Data Integrity

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45 Minutes


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Available until 30 September 2011


  • Winnie Cappucci


The continuous cycle of change to business processes, the need for business process consolidation, as well as business mergers and acquisitions are just some of the reasons why the migration and consolidation of data may be required. Data migration activities are often perceived as disruptive and a threat to data availability. Many data migration projects do not meet timelines and generate cost overruns.

This presentation provides guidance in hopes of providing good practices that properly define customer expectations, minimize risk and provide for appropriate planning and data integrity. It will identify and address some of the most common misconceptions:

  • We can fix the data after we migrate it to the target system
  • We do not need a separate project for the data migration activities in this implementation
  • We need perfect data for the migration
  • We have no data quality problems in our legacy systems
  • We do not need a migration methodology

Presenter Biography

Winnie Cappucci is recently retired from the position of Associate Director Product Supply IT Systems Compliance, North America for Bayer HealthCare. She has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 42 years and in global roles for the last 18 years. Ms. Cappucci has worked as a business process owner, an IT professional and lastly as a quality and compliance specialist in a highly regulated environment. In her last role Ms. Cappucci was responsible for developing and implementing Bayer’s global standards for computerized systems compliance. She is a member of the ISPE International Board of Directors, Chair of the GAMP Council, member of the GAMP America Steering Committee, the GAMP Editorial Board, and co-chair of the GAMP Outsourcing SIG.

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