ISPE Belgium Affiliate History

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An overall increase in interest for Board meetings has been noted. Since the beginning of 2001, more and more companies have contacted the Belgium Affiliate Board regarding participation in Discussion Forums within the Affiliate. Pharmaceutical companies located in Belgium that are not yet represented on the Affiliate Board or Discussion Forums and are interested in joining, contact Jef De Clercq, Belgium Affiliate Chairman, for more information.


Official start up of Belgian Committee: 1992

Charter members:

  • P. Claes - Upjohn (Treasurer)
  • G. Pirrotton - SB Bio (Secretary)
  • P. Valentyn - Thyssen (President)
  • J. Van Espen - CPI
  • D. De Grande - SB Bio
  • J. De Clercq - Schering Plough (early '93)

ISPE Belgium Affiliate Members: 367

Organisation: 1 one-day seminar on technical topic.