2014 Drug Shortage Events

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2014 Events


Industry Roundtable: Keys to Addressing Quality System Issues in Aseptic Manufacturing which May Lead to Shortages


Industry-Regulatory Roundtable: The Roles of Quality Culture and Regulatory Relationships in Preventing Shortages


(1) Plenary Session: Report of the ISPE Drug Shortages Task Force on Emerging Strategies for Preventing and Mitigating Shortages

(2) Industry-Regulatory Roundtable: Implications of the Findings of the Drug Shortages Task Force


Industry Roundtable: IMPs and Drug Shortages

  • ISPE Investigational Products Conference:
    Investigational Products in a Global Environment
    Date: Pending
    Location: Europe; city pending


Executive Session: Second Annual Report on ISPE Research Related to Preventing and Mitigating Drug Shortages


Industry Roundtable: Facilities and Equipment Issues, the CMC Process, and Drug Shortages


  • Learn more about ISPE’s Drug Shortages Initiative by visiting ISPE’s website www.ispe.org/drug-shortages-initiative
  • Volunteer as a subject matter expert on a team working with the ISPE Drug Shortages Task Force. Contact ISPE’s Director of Volunteer Development Michael Phelan (mphelan@ispe.org) for more information.


Last Update: 01 November 2013


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