Vincent Cebular

  PhotoVince Cebular is a principal and the VP of Compliance at Integrated Project Services (IPS). IPS is an industry leader in providing full-service engineering, integrated design/build, construction management, commissioning, validation, and regulatory consulting services to the pharmaceutical, biotech, health care, and specialty manufacturing industries. Mr. Cebular brings over twenty years of experience in engineering, commissioning, and validation of capital projects within the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical gas, and medical device industries. He has a broad range of experience in the areas of bulk drug manufacturing, aseptic processing, solid dosage manufacturing and packaging, vivariums, and R&D laboratories. At IPS, Mr. Cebular’s primary responsibilities include leading the day-to-day compliance operations, performing audits and design reviews, working with department leaders to promote efficiency and quality work practices, and conducting internal and external training on technology advancement and innovative methodologies. Mr. Cebular has helped many of IPS' clients implement efficient and effective risk-based approaches to commissioning and qualification.