Parrish Galliher

  PhotoMr. Galliher earned his BA in Biology at Boston University (1975) and then joined the Biofuels Laboratories of Dynatech R/D Corporation where he built and studied the performance of biomethanation stirred tank fermenters to convert coal syn-gas, kelp seaweed, freshwater algae and municipal solid waste to methane. Mr. Galliher then earned his MS degree in Biochemical Engineering at MIT (1981) after which he joined Biogen, Inc. in 1981 where he worked in bioprocess development. He was also responsible for design, commissioning and management of Biogen’s biomanufacturing facilities for both E.coli and mammalian cell manufacturing. As Director of Process Engineering, he led the team responsible for the development of the commercial upstream process and the startup, initial validation and commissioning of Biogen’s Avonex® manufacturing facility, later licensed by the FDA in 1996. Mr. Galliher joined Alpha-Beta Technology (ABT) in 1994 as Director of Manufacturing Development and led the technology transfer, startup, validation, and commissioning of ABT’s commercial biopharmaceutical manufacturing plant in Smithfield, RI at which he became Vice President of Operations and General Manager in 1997. In December 2002, Mr. Galliher became Founder, President and CEO of Xcellerex, an advanced single use biomanufacturing services/technology company, where he led the creation of the high throughput robotic PDMax™ optimization technology, single use XDR™ bioreactor, XDM™ mixing systems and the turnkey single use modular FlexFactory® biomanufacturing platform. In December 2004, Mr. Galliher transitioned to Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Xcellerex, Inc.. As Principal Investigator, Mr. Galliher led Xcellerex's $19M US Gov't DoD DARPA/DTRA contract for the "Accelerated Manufacture of Pharmaceuticals Program" (AMP), awarded in 2007 and continued through completion of Phase 2 Swine flu Live Fire Test in 2009. In 2012 GE Healthcare acquired Xcellerex Inc. and Mr. Galliher continued in his position as Chief Technology Officer for Xcellerex, a GE Healthcare Life Sciences Company. Mr. Galliher is the recipient of Bioprocess International’s 2012 “Thought Leader of the Decade” award and is committed to the potential of biotechnology to transform human health. He is co-inventor on numerous patents in the field of advanced high efficiency biomanufacturing.