Lynn Bryan

  PhotoLynn Bryan BSc. (University of Liverpool), P.G.C.E (University of Reading), Ballygan Consulting. Lynn has had Qualified Person status within the industry for 8 years and has a specialized Quality Assurance, QP, training and auditing consultancy, providing services to the Pharmaceutical and Regulated Healthcare industries. Lynn has worked with many dosage forms including sterile products, aerosols, powders, liquids creams and ointments and solid dose products. Previously Lynn headed several managing positions in the pharmaceutical industry (e.g. technical manager and QP at a veterinary products manufacturer, Quality Manager and QP at a radiopharmaceuticals manufacturer, validation manager at biologicals manufacturer, production support manager at a contract aerosol manufacturing company, director of an independent validation company. Lynn has been presenting on training courses on validation, training approach, GMP and water/steam systems for over 15 years.