Jack Chu

  PhotoJack Chu is the Manager of Technical Support, EM&U-BTM Operations/Commercialization at West Point, Merck & Co., Inc. He has more than 25 years of pharmaceutical experience in both engineering and operations, including facilities, utilities, critical utilities, process systems, and manufacture systems. His experience includes R&D Operations, Safety Assessment, Pilot Plants, and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing. Jack has worked more than 15 years for Merck & Co., Inc. in various positions and responsibilities, including MRL Engineering, Pharmaceutical Technical Operations, Pharma Operations, Site Operations, and Bio-Tech Manufacturing Operations. He is a frequent speaker for various Conferences and Technical Training Programs and holds Professional Engineer Licenses in many states. Jack was appointed to a second term as Chair of the ISPE (International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering) OSD Community of Practice. He is the Chapter Leader for developing the ISPE Baseline Guide: Oral Solid Dosage Forms in 1998 and the Second Edition in 2009. He published "Good Design Practice, GMP Facility" in 2002 and “Facilities and Support Systems Optimization – GMP Compliance, Productivity, and Quality” in 1999. Jack lectures "Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Engineering" in the Graduate Study Program at Stevens Institute of Technology, New Jersey USA