ISPE Logo and Branding Guidelines

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The ISPE Logo

The global logo is the mark used to represent ISPE worldwide. This format of the logo is the primary organizational identity element. It includes symbol, legal mark, and tagline in definite order and definite proportions.The arrangement order of the logo elements, as well as proportions, may never be altered.

Global Logo Formats

The horizontal format with tagline to the left of the symbol is the preferred presentation of the ISPE global logo:

ISPE Logo Tag Line on the Left

Alternate #1
The tagline right version should be used when the tagline left version will not work:

ISPE Logo Tag Line on the Right

Alternate #2
The tagline stacked version is the least preferable and should be used only in cases where a vertical configuration is all that can be accommodated:

Without Tagline
The symbol should be used without the tagline when the symbol width is less than .5" (13 mm). When symbol is wider than that it must appear with the tagline.

ISPE Corporate Logo Use Policy

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The ISPE logo cannot be used to imply or suggest endorsement of any product, person, property, or service not provided by ISPE. The Society's logo is registered and protected by law and restricted for use as licensed by the Society. The logo is considered to be the ISPE globe, tagline, or any element thereof.

Affiliates and Chapters The Society's Affiliates and Chapters do not need approval or license to use the Society's registered logo for official uses. Affiliates and Chapters should follow the graphic standards set forth by this policy.

Specific logos will be created by ISPE for Affiliates and Chapters based on the Society's logo; these logos cannot be altered. No graphic alteration of the ISPE globe or tagline is permitted. Additions can only be made to the areas surrounding the ISPE globe, but not in close proximity thereto, and only with

Members are not permitted to use the Society logo on items such as, but not limited to, personal stationery, business cards, advertisements, web sites, social networking sites, or other property, real or virtual. If a Member wishes to indicate that he/she is a Member of ISPE on either printed material or via electronic communication, he/she must do so in wording only. For example, the piece would read "Member of ISPE" without a logo. ISPE headquarters approval is required for this type of use.

Unless licensed by the Society, an organization cannot use the ISPE logo on any organization materials or web sites such as, but not limited to, brochures, stationery, business cards, equipment, giveaways, banners, advertising materials, corporate web sites, social networking sites, emails, or electronic advertising of any kind.

If an organization has received a special recognition from ISPE, it may note that by stating it in wording form only without the use of the ISPE logo. In addition, the year in which the recognition was received must be included. For example, an organization that is recognized as ISPE Company of the Year in 2009 may only use the wording "2009 ISPE Company of the Year" on their materials. ISPE headquarters' Marketing Communications Department approval is required for this type of use.

Logo Use on Web Sites and the Internet
Use of the ISPE logo on company, social networking, blogs, or other types of Web sites or the World Wide Web is restricted to links leading to Use of the logo for this purpose is subject to ISPE review and approval. Web sites must be submitted for approval to ISPE. The use of the ISPE logo on a company's web site or personal or group social networking site should not be construed in any manner, way, shape, or form as an endorsement of the company, group, or individual by ISPE.

If an ISPE Member or company does not follow this policy and uses the ISPE logo without permission the following actions will be taken by ISPE:

  1. A cease and desist letter will be issued to the Member stating that he/she is not in compliance with the ISPE logo policy.
  2. If a Member does not follow the first cease and desist letter, the Society's attorney will issue a second letter.
  3. If a Member or company does not cease and desist, ISPE reserves the right to terminate membership and/or pursue legal action.

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