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Welcome to Your Free Monthly Gift Package from ISPE

These gifts will be available to you through 28 February 2013

Gift #1:

The Business of Biotech and Innovation 
Melissa Richter, Founder and President, Prescience International

Download Presentation Slides ( 268 KB)

This presentation, from the Executive Series at the 2012 ISPE Annual Meeting, discusses current trends and concerns in biotech R&D from a business perspective. Learn how venture capitalists choose which biotech companies to fund, and how trends in R&D are affecting the business picture for biotech. 

Gift #2:

Risk Analysis and Mitigation Matrix (RAMM) – A Risk Tool for Quality Management
Alex Brindle, Steve Davy, David Tiffany and Chris Watts, NNE Pharmaplan

Download Article ( 7 MB)

The 2012 Pharmaceutical Engineering Article of the Year presents a new type of risk tool, developed to be incorporated into a modern risk management system and align with the latest FDA guidelines. Learn how RAMM works and how it can be incorporated into your quality management system.  

Featured Member Benefit:

Your industry, your magazine, your Pharmaceutical Engineering.
Published for and delivered to ISPE Members working in all aspects of research, development and drug manufacturing, Pharmaceutical Engineering (PE) covers topics important to the global pharmaceutical industry across all sectors, including traditional pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, innovator and generics. You’ll find the latest scientific and technical developments, regulatory initiatives, and innovative solutions to real-life problems and challenges through practical application articles and case studies authored by industry experts and leading authorities. Your industry, your magazine, your Pharmaceutical Engineering…developed and delivered exclusively for you!

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