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Welcome to Your Free Monthly Gift Package from ISPE

These gifts will be available to you through 31 August 2013

Gift #1:

Report on the ISPE Drug Shortages Survey
Joe Famulare, Vice President, Genentech, Inc.

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At the second annual FDA-ISPE CGMP Conference, ISPE released the survey results from its Drug Shortage Initiative, the industry's first effort aimed at identifying the technical, engineering, quality and regulatory issues impacting drug shortages. Watch this presentation to learn about the survey results and their potential impact on the industry.

Gift #2:

Supply Chain Risks - An ERM Perspective
Krishna S. Mudan, MSA Risk and Economic Advisory

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Understanding and preparing for the full impact of significant business interruption can affect your company’s bottom line and the availability of your product for patients. Please enjoy this presentation from the Enterprise Risk Management Executive Session at the 2012 ISPE Annual Meeting!

Featured Member Benefit:

Enhance your career through ISPE volunteer opportunities.

ISPE Volunteers are actively engaged in shaping the future of the industry while enhancing their skills and professional profile. ISPE Members who get involved through volunteering work alongside top leaders from industry and the global regulatory community, gaining access, visibility and insight into the top levels of the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry.
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