Monthly Member Gift March 2013

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Welcome to Your Free Monthly Gift Package from ISPE

These gifts will be available to you through 30 April 2013

Gift #1:

New Knowledge Brief: Electric Motor Asset Management for Energy Efficiency 
Download Document ( 149 KB)

Be among the first to read ISPE's newest Knowledge Brief! Learn why motor asset management should be a major focus of any strategy to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions and learn which factors are most critical to ensuring maximum efficiency.

Gift #2:

2013 Aseptic Conference Presentation: Sterilization Cycle Optimization
Todd Ditmore, Project Manager, ValSource, LLC
Download Presentation Slides ( 343 KB)

This presentation, from the recently concluded 2013 Aseptic Conference, will help you understand sterilization cycle optimization, identify critical factors for each part of the cycle and determine risks involved at each stage. 

Featured Member Benefit:

Get discounts on the resources you need to solve on-the-job problems.
If you've ever needed to find a solution to a common technical problem on the job, chances are you've turned to an ISPE Guidance Document for help. Not only do Guidance Documents contain peer-reviewed real-world answers on an extensive array of relevant industry topics; they also contain ready-to-use templates and other resources that you can take advantage of right away. And as an ISPE Member, you receive significant discounts when you purchase an ISPE Guide.

Explore ISPE's Guidance Document Library

If you have feedback regarding your monthly gift from ISPE, including suggestions for future content, please contact Rosemary Jones at Don't forget to review your Member Benefits on a regular basis to stay current and make the most of your membership!

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