Refer A Friend and Save

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Don't keep ISPE all to yourself. You already know that it pays to be an ISPE Member. The ISPE "Refer a Friend" program is our Member referral program, designed to encourage you to share the benefits of ISPE with your peers.

We'll reward you for it!

Here's how it works

For every friend you refer who joins ISPE, you'll earn one free month membership. Credits will be applied towards your next membership renewal.

For referral tips and to request ISPE membership materials, please contact Member Services at or reach out to your local Affiliate or Chapter.


  • The referred Member must include the referring Member's name and his/her ID in either the "referred by" section of the membership application or on the online application.
  • Referrals for students, retired and hardship Members, existing Members, and membership renewals are not eligible for the "Refer a Friend" program.
  • Referrals cannot be shared or transferred
  • Membership renewal invoices will reflect your saving based on the number of individuals who have joined as a result of your efforts


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