Membership Options for Regulators

ISPE is a neutral, non-lobbying organization.

Because ISPE does not engage in any lobbying activities and makes no attempt to influence regulations, the Society can play a vital role in assembling experts from its multiple disciplines to design, debate and publicize more effective processes and standards for the ultimate benefit of the patient.

ISPE’s neutral environment ensures all such activities are based on the application of sound scientific and technological principles through the expert contributions of our individual Members irrespective of their employer, status or affiliation and experts belonging to Regulatory Authorities.

In order to make ISPE membership as accessible as possible, the ISPE International Board of Directors has approved a dues structure that applies to ALL individuals employed full-time by a Regulatory Authority or government agency.

ISPE offers regulatory authority/government employees two options for joining ISPE.

  1. Complimentary membership is available to all regulators worldwide.
    • To join at no cost, please contact ISPE Member Services at or +1-813-960-2105.
  2. The ISPE Board recognizes that policies may vary within Regulatory Authorities and Government agencies. Therefore, the Board has also authorized a reduced membership rate, equal to that of several other ISPE membership classes. This option is offered to Regulatory Authority/Government Agency representatives not able to accept the no cost option.

Membership Application