ISPE Midwest Chapter Student Affairs

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ISPE student chapters are established to introduce students (mainly in the studies of engineering and pharmacy) and generate interest in careers in pharmaceutical manufacturing and related fields, which they may not have considered before.

ISPE student members are very important. They are the future of the pharmaceutical industry. We currently have two active student chapters: St Louis College of Pharmacy and University of Missouri Kansas City. An effort is under way to start the third chapter in Iowa. We hope to have it up and running by the spring of 2004.

As Chairperson of the Student Affairs Committee I want to bring the benefits of ISPE to the attention of students throughout the Midwest. The student chapters have recently established the following goals for the upcoming year:

  • Locate specific projects at manufacturers that students could tackle via summer internship and/or team semester project
  • Schedule industry speakers for monthly meetings
  • Schedule plant tours
  • Increase membership by 20%
  • Increase poster competition participants from 2 to 4 from each chapter
  • Participate in one community service per school year
  • Attend quarterly ISPE Midwest Chapter meetings
  • Student Chapters President, VP and Faculty Advisors to attend annual conference in Washington DC in June

These goals can only be achieved through active participation of student members and help from the ISPE community.

If you would like to assist in helping with these goals, establishing and supporting student chapters in your area, speaking at a student chapter meeting, hosting facility tours for students, or provide employment and learning opportunities through a student internship, please contact Jim Kolbet, Student Affairs Chairperson, at 913-661-1662.

St. Louis College of Pharmacy Student Poster Winner, Undergraduate Category
St. Louis College of Pharmacy Student Poster Winner,
Undergraduate Category,
l to r: Sue Murray and Jennalie Blackwood

UMKC Poster Competition Winner, Graduate Category
UMKC Poster Competition Winner,
Graduate Category,
l to r: V. Stojanovic,
Dr. Brian Fricke - Student Advisor,
Arun Ranyan, Deep Bandyopadhyay

St. Louis College of Pharmacy

Two teams from the St. Louis College of Pharmacy presented posters at the ISPE event in St Louis on April 24. The winner of the Chapter Undergraduate Poster Award and a trip to New Orleans was a poster presented by Sue Murray entitled: SARS: Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. This poster discussed the facts that The World Health Organization confirmed that a new pathogen, a member of the coronavirus never before seen in humans, is the cause of SARS . It is now believed that although SARS is not as easily spread from person to person as previously thought, the disease has a much higher fatality rate. The goal of scientists now is to refine diagnostic tests for early detection, target antiviral agents, and develop vaccines to contain this epidemic.

A second poster was presented by Diana Vu. This presentation, entitled "Biosynthesis of Hydrocortisone from Genetically Transformed Yeast", demonstrated the methods by which the normal human steroid, hydrocortisone, can be produced in preparative yield by reprogramming the biosynthetic pathways leading to ergosterol in yeast to accelerate some steps leading to the steroid structure, and blocking steps leading to side reactions such as acetylation. The directed biosynthesis procedure led to a highly pure form of hydrocortisone in high yields, and represents the first time that a directed biosynthesis procedure has been developed to replace a 40-step synthetic laboratory procedure.

The STLCOP Student Chapter recently had an evening education/social event at Imo's Pizza in St. Louis. Rick Taylor and Michelle Dinkelbach from R. Donnelly & Associates were the featured speakers of the evening. Mr. Taylor discussed non-traditional opportunities in the Pharmaceutical/Healthcare industry for Pharmacists.

Elections for the new STLCOP Student Chapter officers were also recently held. We are pleased to announce that Amanda Shaver was elected President of the Chapter and Julie Peradotto was elected Vice President. Congratulations to Amanda and Julie!

Please contact Greg Spanel at: 913-424-6125 or if you are interested in speaking at the Student Chapters meetings or assisting with a site tour.

University of Missouri Kansas City

On March 4, thirty-one ISPE Student Chapter Members from the University of Missouri, Kansas City and faculty advisors Dr. Brian Fricke and Dr. Bryan Becker toured Bayer Animal Health?s Shawnee II Production Facility. Our thanks to Linda McBride and Gary Klaassen for arranging the tour and to the Bayer tour guides. The Bayer representatives impressed the student with the complexity, and the level of technology, in a modern pharmaceutical manufacturing facility.

On March 18, the Student Chapter Members heard Vince Sabia present "Dig the Well Before You?re
Thirsty." Mr. Sabia is the Vice President for Market Resources with Right Management Consultants, a
career transition and organization consulting organization. Mr. Sabia helped the students explore ways, outside of the traditional engineering curricula, they can prepare for entry into the professional marketplace.

March 18 also saw elections by the UMKC Cooperative Engineering Organizations. Congratulations to the following students elected officers of the ISPE Student Chapter:

  • President: Andrew Castro
  • President Elect: Farakh Zaman
  • Secretary: Chad Porter
  • Treasurer: Amy Sides

On April 1, Mr. Steve Pittman, with Burns & McDonnell and a former NASA engineer presented "An Insider?s View of NASA," concentrating on his experiences and knowledge of the Space Shuttle program, including discussions on research studies and the interface of research planning and mission planning in the Shuttle program.

A group of UMKC students, including the incoming Student Chapter officers, traveled to St. Louis to attend the Midwest Chapter Extended Education/Vendor Day on April 24. Faculty sponsor, Dr. Brian Fricke, rounded out the UMKC contingent traveling to St. Louis. Graduate student Arun Ranjan presented the research poster "Numerical Simulation of Airborne Corn Pollow Flow" based on his work with fellow graduate students Deep Bandyopadhyay and Vladimir Stojanovic. This research was selected as the graduate student poster representing the Midwest Chapter at the ISPE Annual Meeting in New Orleans.

The Student Chapter welcomes participation and presentations from professionals in the industry.

Interested professionals should contact Peter Wieczkowski or
Selena Albert