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November 2013

15 Nov 2013 Mitigating risk aversion in EU medicines regulation in the interest of public health
15 Nov 2013 CFDA Vice Minister Liu Peizhi leads delegation to visit New Zealand and signs cooperation arrangement
13 Nov 2013 European Medicines Agency updates on development of its policy on publication and access to clinical-trial data
13 Nov 2013 Update on harmonisation efforts between Australian TGA and New Zealand Medsafe
12 Nov 2013 Global Regulatory News   662 KB  Members only
12 Nov 2013 US FDA enters into agreement with Mekong region to ensure safe food and medical products
11 Nov 2013 Danish Health and Medicines Agency releases new website
08 Nov 2013 US FDA proposes to put generics and brand-name products under same labeling rule
07 Nov 2013 Kazakhstan applies for PIC/S pre-accession membership
06 Nov 2013 British Department of Health appoints new Chair of the British Pharmacopoeia Commission
04 Nov 2013 China promulgates Provisions for Legislative Process of China Food and Drug Administration
01 Nov 2013 Health Canada Amends Food and Drugs Regulations for Active Ingredients


October 2013

31 Oct 2013 EC Report highlights the potential of Personalised Medicine
31 Oct 2013 Korean FDA posts amendments to medical device GMPs
31 Oct 2013 US FDA releases Strategic Plan for Preventing and Mitigating Drug Shortages
30 Oct 2013 US FDA publishes report on its role in new product development in an era of personalized medicine
25 Oct 2013 Summary of Risk Classification of Observations made during Inspections of Blood Establishments in Canada
18 Oct 2013 Latvian State Agency of Medicines Celebrates its 17th Anniversary
15 Oct 2013 Health Canada Revises Post-Notice of Compliance Changes - Quality Guidance
10 Oct 2013 Australian TGA publishes Frequently asked questions about the new OTC business process



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