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September 2013

11 Sep 2013 China FDA Minister Zhang Yong meets Minister of Health, Welfare and Sports of the Netherlands and Ambassador of the Netherlands to China
10 Sep 2013 Hong Kong SAR applies for PIC/S membership


August 2013

31 Aug 2013 Japanese PMDA provides update on current situation and future direction
30 Aug 2013 Japanese PMDA publishes presentation on efforts in safety measures/risk management
30 Aug 2013 China FDA Minister Zhang Yong meets Danish Minister of Health and Danish Ambassador to China
23 Aug 2013 China FDA Miner Zhang Yoistng meets WHO Director-General Dr Margaret Chan
23 Aug 2013 China FDA Minister Zhang Yong meets Czech Health Minister
20 Aug 2013 US FDA Launches Secure Supply Chain Pilot Program
05 Aug 2013 European Medicines Agency publishes guidance on validation process for initial marketing authorisation
04 Aug 2013 German BfArM publishes FAQ on Variations
01 Aug 2013 European Medicines Agency introduces digital signatures for selected procedures


July 2013

31 Jul 2013 US GAO Publishes Report on Need for FDA to Strengthen Oversight of Compounding Pharmacies
17 Jul 2013 China launches crackdown on pharmaceutical sector
15 Jul 2013 Dutch Medicines Evaluation Board at a glance
12 Jul 2013 US FDA Issues Guidance on Circumstances that Constitute Delaying, Denying, Limiting, or Refusing a Drug Inspection
12 Jul 2013 US US FDA permits marketing of quicker method for checking effectiveness of medical device steam sterilization
10 Jul 2013 US FDA, Small Businesses, and the Common Goal of Advancing Public Health
08 Jul 2013 EMA publishes Small Business Newsletter
08 Jul 2013 US GAO publishes report on the challenges of combating rogue pharmacy sites
05 Jul 2013 Australia conducts global crackdown against counterfeit and illegal medicines



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