ISPE San Francisco/Bay Area Chapter Committees

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Program Committee

  • Chair: Brian Vaughn, CRB


  • Jeremy Agraz, Flad Architects
  • Michael Cooper, Bayer HealthCare
  • Sue Cost, Foster Wheeler Biokinetics
  • Ralf Elsaesser, Dome Construction
  • Simon Forder, Hyde Engineering + Consulting
  • Leroy Ginn, ACCO Engineered Systems
  • Andy Nelsen, Bay Area Engineers
  • Corey Veverka, TVS, Inc.

Commuter Conference Committee

  • Chair: Tareq Barakzoy, ACCO Engineered Systems
  • Vice Chair: Andrea Zarour, Greater Bay Mechanical, Inc.


  • Eric Giles, Impec Group
  • Rick Ginn, XL Construction
  • Teresa Johnk, ProPharma Group
  • Harvey Steinhaus, Dome Construction

Membership Committee

  • Chair: Ulrike Ruppelt, ticular - Strategies for Success


  • Mike Britting, D.F. Pray
  • Dave Edgar, Iron Construction
  • Patti Larson, XL Construction
  • Terrence McCarthy, HDR Science & Technology
  • Edda Mihaescu, PhD, Bayer HealthCare LLC
  • Cynthia Wiggins, VERSA Engineering/Technology

Newsletter/Web Site Committee

  • Chair: Sandra Medlin, Sani-Tech West


  • David O’Connell, DCE Consulting, Inc.

Young Professionals/Student Affairs Committee

  • Chair: David Mourra, Bayer Technology Services
  • Vice Chairs
    • YP: Fion Cheng, Novartis
    • Students: Marlene Meza, Novartis


  • Nick Armstrong, Genentech
  • Heather Bennett, ACCO Engineered Systems
  • Bill Chestnut, Independent Consultant
  • Stacey Cox, Banks Integration Group
  • Triet Nguyen, Bayer Technology Services
  • Bill VanDerVoort, DST Controls
  • Steve Walker, Hyde Engineering + Consulting


  • Jim DeKloe, Solano College
  • Claire Komives, San Jose State University
  • Dr. Dorian Liepmann, UC Berkeley
  • Dr. Karen McDonald, UC Davis

Community Relations

  • Chair: Jason Beck, Evergreen EDC
  • Vice Chair: Heather Bennett, ACCO Engineered Systems


  • Charlie Allnutt, DPR Construction
  • Trevor Auer, CRB
  • Kelley Byars, Hathaway Dinwiddie
  • Grace Choi, CRB
  • John Lohnes, The Austin Company

Charity Committee

  • Chair: Ed Shea, BNBuilders


  • Greg Burg, Genentech
  • Sue Cost, Foster Wheeler Biokinetics

Volunteer Appreciation Committee

  • Chair: Kelly Keen, Genentech


  • Corey Veverka, TVS

Vendor Night Committee

  • Chair: Heather Bennett, ACCO Engineered Systems


  • Charlie Allnut, DPR Construction
  • Meriber Gonzalez, Gilead
  • Jeff Jul, J2 Biosystems
  • Kelly Keen, Genentech
  • Scott Revelli, Genentech
  • Melody Spradlin, Dome Construction
  • To Tran, Dome Construction
  • Cynthia Wiggins, VERSA Engineering/Technology
  • Sokhorn Yim, Genentech

Fun Day Committee


  • Trevor Auer, CRB
  • Barb Lambing, XL Construction


  • Arnold Asuncion, TVS
  • Adam Beatty, Emerson Process Systems
  • Mike Britting, D.F. Pray
  • Natalie Colley, TVS
  • Doug McDowell, Emerson Process Systems

Advisory Committee

  • Chair: Sue Cost, Foster Wheeler Biokinetics


  • Greg Banks, Banks Integration Group, Inc.
  • Greg Burg, Genentech
  • Mark Hannon, Genentech
  • Linda Karr, Genentech
  • John Kelley, Genentech
  • Ed Shea, BNBuilders


  • Sandy Baker, GBSC/Johnson & Johnson (Alza)
  • Mike Batie, Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals
  • Paul Bezy, Genentech
  • Kaye Cowen, Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals
  • Al Dadson, XOMA
  • John Ducote, Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals
  • Rex Eicher, Bayer Technical Services
  • Scott Foell, GBSC/Johnson & Johnson (Alza)
  • Ross Graves, Amgen
  • David Harris, Genentech
  • Paul Lauer, Biomarin
  • Bihn Le, Gilead Sciences
  • Todd Lopeman, Novartis Vaccines/Diagnostics
  • Dietrich Pampus, Bayer HealthCare Pharma
  • Phil Roberts, Exelixis Inc.
  • Jaime Romo, Novartis Pharma
  • Steve Sharon, Genentech
  • John Simpson, Genentech
  • Joe Tarantino, Novartis Pharmaceuticals
  • Karl Wilks, Foster Wheeler Biokinetics