Student Success Story: Jonathan Muller

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"Last year, I spoke with a few students that went to the ISPE Annual Meeting in San Antonio. After hearing of their experience, I immediately had my heart set on attending the 2005 Annual Meeting. Fortunately, the meeting was more beneficial than I expected.

"First, I had the opportunity to talk with professionals working in the pharmaceutical industry. These employees provided very useful information that will help with my college and career decisions in the future. Second, the vendors broadened my view of the industry. Each vendor took the time to speak with me for a few minutes and explained how their company applies to the pharmaceuticals. Being an undergraduate in chemical engineering, they explained to me whether or not someone could work in their company as a chemical engineer.

"Third, my view of ISPE was changed. Before attending the meeting, I had a hard time explaining to students the purpose of ISPE. Since ISPE has many different responsibilities and services, there was no easy way to sum up its main objective. After explaining to students how ISPE educates, networks, and motivates people in the pharmaceutical industry, one question remained in my mind. What is ISPE to me? Nothing could have answered my question better that the Annual Meeting. I learned that ISPE acts as a link between the pharmaceutical industry and the government so that both sides can reach their goal to help mankind. The government wants to protect people from harmful drugs, and the pharmaceutical industry wants to provide life saving medication. ISPE is a tool that helps bring these visions together. With education, ISPE helps interpret and teach the requirements of the government to the pharmaceutical industry. Furthermore, ISPE networks the industry, which allows people to find the resources they need to meet all the requirements. By providing these resources, ISPE helps the long process of producing a drug run as smoothly as possible.

"Finally, the people's attitudes towards others were most inspiring during the meeting. As a student, I was treated with the same respect as everyone else. Many people were willing to take the time and help me in any way possible. Moreover, everyone was very social. I was excited to se these business men and women know how to have a good time. In the years to come, I am looking forward to having a place in ISPE."


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